What is Crop-Up? 

Crop-Up, LLC is a consulting practice that helps cultivate greener, healthier and more equitable cities through community-based food projects, food system planning, and design. A growing number of communities, municipalities, counties, and regions are choosing to assess and strategically develop a sustainable community food system, as they plan for a strong, resilient tomorrow. A well-designed food system can help build local economies, create jobs, celebrate unique food heritage and cultural traditions, preserve green space and farm land, address climate change and urban storm water issues, improve health, and foster a stronger sense of community and place.  Crop-Up, LLC partners with community stakeholders, designers, businesses, schools, neighborhoods, municipalities, non-profits, and state agencies committed to responding to the food needs of the 21st century city with a holistic, strategic and innovative approach. 

" There is nothing else as universal. There is nothing else so powerful. When you understand where your food comes from, you look at the world in an entirely different way”.  Alice Waters – Delicious Revolution