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What is Crop-Up? 

Crop-Up, LLC is a consulting practice  that  focuses on community-based food projects in urban areas.  Our goal is to help you cultivate more gardens, farms, and markets in your community. Together we can: 1) Grow more delicious food. 2) Grow people who are better able to nourish themselves and 3) Grow community.

We believe any urban agriculture project will benefit from a holistic, team approach. Crop-Up, LLC partners with the growing number of individuals, neighborhoods, designers, businesses, schools, municipalities, non-profits, and state agencies responding to their community’s food needs with resilient acts: home victory gardens, neighborhood community gardens, zoning ordinances, urban farms, or access to markets. 


" There is nothing else as universal. There is nothing else so powerful. When you understand where your food comes from, you look at the world in an entirely different way”.  Alice Waters – Delicious Revolution